Friday, September 26, 2008

Not One Effing Dime for ACORN! (UPDATED)

I support the Paulson Plan to deal with difficult financial instruments that are clogging up the financial markets. And some of the alterations proposed by Democrats are reasonable. (I bet you thought I’d never say something like that.) But two things have me livid.

One is the performance by Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid just now. He played brazen partisan politics with this at the worse time, blaming John McCain for the difficulties in getting something passed. What I said to the TV is not printable on this blog.

Meanwhile (#2), the Democrats are trying to use this to funnel more money to ACORN. Yes, the same radical corrupt “community organizing” group favored by Obama repeatedly caught engaging in vote fraud. And that may be the real deal killer.

Republicans and reasonable Democrats should demand support for ACORN and similar groups is stripped from this measure now!

UPDATE: Good news. One report says the ACORN slush fund has been removed. Let’s hope so.

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