Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama's Slip of the Tongue Over Religion

From this Times story:

[Obama] also repeated a previous charge that Republicans were seeking to smear him over his religion, alleging that they had been “very good at throwing rocks and hiding their hand” when discussing “my Muslim faith” – before swiftly correcting himself to say “my Christian faith”.

What the heck!?!

Make of that what you will, but that is one serious slip of the tongue.

Like everything else, it’s on YouTube now. It’s interesting that the reporter corrected him before he corrected himself. The Times’ use of “swiftly” is charitable.

Now, I do not think Obama is a Muslim. But what a slip!

MORE: To be fair, here's a much longer excerpt of the interview.


By the way, don’t walk, run, to your closest newsstand and hope they still have the September 1st issue of The National Review. It is chock full of background on Barack Obama. What I’ve read so far is very impressive and has gotten very little attention in the “Mainstream” News Media. There is a lot that is being hidden from us.

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