Tuesday, September 23, 2008

++Rowan Silent on +Duncan “Deposition” (UPDATED)

Primates, bishops, and other Anglicans around the world have disassociated themselves from the lawless “deposition” of Bishop Duncan by Presiding Heretic Schori.

But the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams so far is . . . silent.

And that silence is deafening.

UPDATE: Instead, His Grace joins with Schori to bow down to the UN and its Millennium Development Goals.

One must have one’s priorities.


Michael said...

I fear, Mark, that the Arch-Broccoli has spoken, in a manner of speaking. Head over yonder.

Marie Blocher said...

His Gracelessness will not be at the function.
His name was just used to promote the event. He is in Lourdes. Let us hope for a miracle.

Marie Blocher

Michael said...

I know. Nevertheless he allows his name to be soiled (further?) by being associated with that infernal woman. He might just as well be there himself.

Miracles take many forms. I am hoping for one. I expect one. But it may not take the form all of us would probably rather it take....

Mark said...

Yes, he is not literally bowing down to the MDGs with Schori. But he might as well be.