Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday morning, I went to Bob Hall Pier in Corpus and I was shocked at the damage there. It was much worse than from Rita. All but two picnic tables were gone and the parking lot was torn up.

After looking around a while, I got my board and gingerly worked my way through the rubble to catch some of the dying waves from Ike. But I did so half-heartedly knowing the much worse damage inflicted on people to the North.

(By the way, other than mostly minor damage from high tides and surf (I received no damage.), all we got from Ike was a warm breeze. I appreciate those expressing concern for me.)

Now, this Sunday morning, the Houston-Galveston-Beaumont area is being hit by a solid line of heavy thunderstorms. As if they needed that.

Do keep praying for that area. Their difficulties are far from over.


I took some photos of the otherworldly sunset before Ike’s landfall and of Bob Hall Pier the next morning. You may find them here.

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