Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike: Pray for Houston

It looks like I was right in my post Tuesday that Ike would move further north than then forecasted. But I don’t take much joy from that. For what I didn’t post is that I felt Houston was in more danger than Corpus Christi. And it looks like I was too right on that.

Fortunately, the winds of Ike have not increased as much as once expected. But this is still an unusually large hurricane with what may be a huge storm surge. And it’s predicted to hit Houston head on.

Please pray for the Houston area.


LBStringer said...

I lived in Houston during the '80s and well remember Hurricane Alicia. My sister still lives in the north metro area, is busy boarding up windows and praying none of her trees come down (has several large ones on her property). Plus being on Lake Houston, I worry about potential flooding. Lord protect these folks!

Anonymous said...

We here in Mississippi remembering Camille and Katrina, are praying ferociously for Texas, and especially for those unable to evacuate.

Anonymous said...

Mark, stay safe. Ike is so huge that it looks like the whole Texas coast will get some effects.

Praying indeed for Houston and Galveston. I've got several posts up at L&B today.

This has the makings of a catastrophe.

-- Karen B.

LBStringer said...

There is a ship in the Gulf that lost power earlier. The winds were so strong and the waves so high that the Coast Guard choppers weren't able to rescue them. They are having to ride it out. Prayers for the 22 men in this peril.