Monday, September 15, 2008

Has Obama Just Blown the Senior Vote?

When I saw this Obama ad . . .

. . . I thought that will annoy a lot of seniors. I thought a lot of them would say, “Well, I’m a little behind the times and not a computer whiz either.” and take the ad as a cut down of them, too.

Well, it turns out that it’s worse than that. There’s a reason John McCain is not a whiz with a keyboard. His POW injuries can make typing painful for him.

Of course, the “Mainstream” News Media is giving Obama a pass on this. But word is still getting out. It’s certainly all over the internet. And I think even those old, behind the times, supposedly computer-illiterate seniors will find out and be . . . ticked.

So I got some news for Obama:

Some seniors aren’t computer whizzes. But they do know how to do one thing –


Get used to remaining a Senator, Obama.

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