Monday, February 04, 2008

Global Warming May Increase Zombie Attacks

It’s true!

More from Statistician William Briggs on zombies, global warming, and various “studies” here.

Although some of the alarm about global warming is such a tempting target that I can’t resist having some fun, I do think both sides of the global warming debate have good cases to make. And even if the current global warming is not primarily man-made (Please note I said “if”.), I think at least some of the measures the global warming activists advocate are good public policy anyway. Certainly, we should do what we reasonably can to reduce air pollution and preserve rain forests and other green spaces.

Still, I can’t resist having some fun about the issue at times, as the Chaplain of New College, Oxford discovered when she gave a sermon on global warming at Christ Church . . . on the most cold and miserable day of the Michaelmas term. She took my ribbing with her usual grace, of course.

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