Thursday, February 07, 2008

Question of the Day: What’s more “unavoidable” – Sharia Law for the UK or the Resignation of Rowan Williams?

Rowan Williams has all but lost the Anglican Communion. Now has he lost his mind? Ruth Gledhill is among those wondering if that might be the case.

I’ve been reluctant to suggest that Rowan resign. After all, I’m not in communion with the man. But, goodness, *someone* needs to take him aside and inform him that it’s time to go.

It would not greatly surprise me if this is the last straw that brings down Rowan Williams. Politicians are now running away from him as if he were radioactive . . . which he may be. His advocacy of sharia law has provoked a huge wave of anger against him. And now, more and more respected people such as Damian Thompson have had it and are calling for him to go.

That’s not to mention the soon coming outrage from Christians persecuted worldwide under sharia law and their advocates.

Rowan Williams may not survive this as Archbishop of Canterbury. Thompson suggests he won’t.

And he shouldn’t. It’s time to go, Rowan.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail is running a poll with the question – “Is Rowan Williams Fit to be Archbishop of Canterbury?”
Now, we are talking the Daily Mail, ok? But the results so far:
Yes 10%
No 90%


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Tregonsee said...

+Rowan is a genuinely good man who is totally out of his depth. He is much more suited to being a seminary dean or some other purely academic endeavor. The only real questions are whether he will be gone before Lambeth, and whether that will result in this decade's meeting being canceled, or just postponed a year or so. The damage this man could cause to the AC does not invite contemplation, but we will probably have to deal with it anyway.