Monday, February 04, 2008

The Catch

No, The Catch no longer is that 1981 Dwight Clark catch that stole a Super Bowl from my Dallas Cowboys and began the long dark years of a Left Coast dynasty financed in violation of NFL rules by a criminal owner. Now the catch is Eli Manning to David Tyree in last night’s Super Bowl.

It was a heroic effort on both ends. Eli Manning somehow escaped a sack. David Tyree somehow held on to the ball pinned against his helmet.

Before the play I was thinking it was a great game, but that it was a shame it was about to end in an anti-climatic manner. It looked like the Giants last drive would peter out, then New England would just sit on the ball to win. Wrong!

When The Catch was made, I leaped up and just knew that this was historic. And with the Giants going on to score the winning touchdown, I was right.

I’m not a Giants fan, but I tip my hat to them. They won a great game against great odds. They definitely earned the win (which does not always happen in Super Bowls), and they did so with tough defense, with an offense that wouldn’t give up -- and with a Catch for the ages.

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