Friday, February 29, 2008


The Pseudo-bishop of New Westminster, Michael Ingham, has sent a letter to Dr. J. I. Packer threatening him with suspension from ministry. This after the church of which Dr. Packer is a member, St. John’s Shaughnessy, which happens to be the largest Anglican church in Canada, voted 475 to 11 to leave apostasy the Anglican Church of Canada.

This boggles the mind. My readers are well aware of the giant Dr. Packer is among teachers and theologians. I know I’ve been very much influenced by two of his works, Knowing God and Keep in Step with the Spirit. It’s hard to find a good analogy to describe a heretical gnat like –Ingham threatening a man like Dr. Packer in any way. (Perhaps my readers would like to give it a try?)

As BabyBlue puts it (referring to Dr. Packer’s oversight of the English Standard Version): “He's edited The Bible, for goodness sake. Has Ingham lost his mind?”

I suspect he has. He certainly seems to have lost the part of his brain in charge of shame.

Not-so-by-the-way, there is something seriously wrong with a communion in which a great man like Dr. Packer is threatened while a wolf like Ingham remains a member in good standing.


John Stringer said...

Well said, Mark. We must not be intimidated by these vicious servants of the underworld. How dare he treat Dr Packer in such manner.

The only recourse of these liberal (non)Christians, is to the law of their pagan nations. Have they considered following Christ and His laws?

No ofcourse. But if you visit St John's in Shaughnessy, you immediately understand why. They see $$ in their eyes. The bishop knows that this church is prime property. Prime? It is beyond just 'prime'.

I salute St John's that they do not easily give up. I also know that if needed, they will leave their beautiful church to rent a school or so. Better to lose your money that to lose your soul. As has happened long ago with that infernal bishop.

Dr.D said...

Interesting blog, Mark. This is my first visit, but I like what I see. From one of the earlier posts, I gather that you are in Corpus Christi; is that correct? If so, may I ask what parish there? I never found one there that was not extremely liberal. I'd like to know of a faithful Anglican parish in CC for when I visit next October.

Mark said...

Thanks, Dr. D. E-mail me and I'll tell you more: mark at godknows99 dot com.


Dr.D said...

Mark, I would definitely like to write to you, but that e-mail address will not work. There is no @ sign in it. I think you left something out. Would you check that, please?

Mark said...

"at" = @
"dot"= dot

(I don't post my e-mail in normal form to avoid spambots. Sorry about the confusion.)

Mark said...

I mean "dot" = "." of course. I'm a bit tired now. :)