Friday, February 01, 2008

Not Happy With McCain

I’m not happy with the emergence of John McCain as the Republican frontrunner for President. Thomas Sowell spells out why well:

McCain has sold out not only with amnesty for illegal aliens but also sold out the First Amendment with the McCain-Feingold “campaign finance reform” bill that was supposed to take big money out of political campaigns, but blatantly has not.

McCain also sold out on judicial nominations by making his own side deal with the Democrats, undercutting Republican attempts to stop Democrats from filibustering judicial nominees instead of voting them up or down.

I especially don’t trust McCain with Supreme Court nominations. We don’t need a Republican president appointing a Souter or a Stevens.

I’m not happy at all with how the whole Republican race for president is going. McCain isn’t trustworthy; Romney is a phony; and Huckabee is a gaffe waiting to happen. I liked Thompson, but he wasn’t active enough and is now out of the race.

In the Texas primary, it’s becoming more likely I’ll vote for Ron Paul in protest.


KJC402 said...

"In the Texas primary, it’s becoming more likely I’ll vote for Ron Paul in protest."

Didn't we go through this before and ended-up with 8 years of Bill Clinton?

Protest votes do nothing more than help the candidate you don't want to gain traction or win an election.

As for me, I guess a poser is better than a sell-out. Go Mitt.

RECCHIP said...

Add this Virginian to the Ron Paul train.

McCain is a problem for the reasons Newbie mentioned. Huckabee is a socialist and, Romney is a Mormon. I know of a number of folks (more right wing than I) who say that they will have to vote for Hillery to prevent a Mormon from becoming president.

KJC402 said...


That is nice, maybe your friends and Ron Paul can pick-up where Governor Lilburn W. Boggs and the Missouri Militia left-off in 1838.

Heck, why not nuke Utah to rid ourselves of those pesky non-Trinitarian, sub-human vermin.

In your friends eyes, Romney could be worse, he could be one of those nasty Jew types.

mark said...

I'm prejudiced against extremely white people myself. Crackers. (Let's be nice, people.)

As for the elections, note that I'll probably vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. I have no intention of helping throw the general election to Hillary or Obama.


REC CHIP said...

Aa I said, I will have to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. (I would have voted for Thompson, Tancredo or Hunter if they were still in the race). In the General Election, I will NOT vote for Hillary or Obama. I will hold my nose and vote for either Romney or McCain. (or whoever is the nominee if there is a brokered convention!!)

And in response to a previous post, I would have NO PROBLEM voting for a pro-life Jewish American running for office. Judaism is NOT a cult, Mormanism is.

Fr. Daniel said...

How about us focusing on doing the right thing in God's eyes instead of calculating who has a chance at this or that? If we vote for those we truly agree with and who are in accord with the law of God, we will be able to stand before the Lord with a clear conscience.

That's why I've voting for Alan Keyes. Dr. Keyes refuses to compromise principle for expediency. And he's the only consistently pro-life candidate of the candidates.

REC CHIP said...

Fr. Daniel,

If Dr. Keyes were on the ballot in Virginia I would vote for him, I would drive around picking people up to take them to the polls etc. I supported him in all of his previous campaigns.

In Virginia, we only have Ron Paul, John McCain, Fred Thompson-still, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani-still and Mitt Romney. With those as my choices (or non choices) I will have to vote for Paul. I could vote for Fred Thompson but that would really be a non-vote. Needless to say, I am NOT happy with ANY of the remaining candidates.