Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Walk to Iffley

Predictably, I did actually succumb to a deep nap after I walked about and ate. But afterward, I shook the sleep off and walked along the Thames to Iffley. And it was a pleasant and rewarding walk, even though the Isis Tavern was closed for the day for some unknown reason.

There was a lot of rowing on the Thames. It was clear some of it was serious training. And on the path there were a lot of joggers and bikers as well as a sullen 14ish boy not pleased to help his mum with shopping.

But the highlight of my walk, again predictably, was a visit to the parish church of Iffley. It is an impressive and relatively well preserved example of a Norman parish church. Yes, we’re talking 12th century.

I took photos, of course. They include a representation of a king thought to be Henry II on the south doorway and a representation of St. Mark staring down at you as you had better pay attention to his gospel.

Norman churches can be scary. Some of the carving on Iffley Church certainly is.

By the way, I’ll be posting photos from this stay in England in this album. There are additional photos of Iffley Church there.

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