Friday, August 03, 2007

Captain Yips Tells It Like It Is.

Captain Yips is on a roll lately.

This morning, he addresses head on the question of who is responsible for the schism that may be occurring in the Anglican Communion.

And he rightly places some of the blame at the feet of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

. . . the See of Canterbury seems to dither, hem and haw, and this apparent indecision understandably is seen as secret sympathy with the true American schismatics, the Presiding Bishop and all her ilk. The precarious unity of the Anglican Communion is a precious thing, but it can be lost not by the attempts of North Americans to shelter from the hurricane of nonsense that prevails in TEC, but from a failure of international leadership.

++Rowan Williams has indeed failed to lead. He has given comfort and cover to those who are provoking this schism. His foisting the infamous Sub-group Report giving TEC a pass upon the Tanzania Primates Meeting was particularly outrageous. (And it certainly opened my eyes about him.)

For what it’s worth, I think there will be (and probably should be) calls for his resignation from significant quarters before Advent. I don’t have any information. It’s just a gut feeling.

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