Friday, August 17, 2007

Pre-Dean, Post-Erin

Well, Tropical Storm Erin came through to the north very quietly. The wind was actually less than normal most of the time. It was quite peaceful really.

My first hint that Erin was past was when I woke up before daybreak yesterday, went out on my deck, and noticed a gentle wind heading off shore.

I got only an inch of rain. As is typical of tropical storms the bulk of the rain was to the “right” of the center. And we were to the “left.”

The waves yesterday were excellent. (Before Erin hit, it was practically flat – kinda backwards.) And even though I wasn’t feeling 100%, I went out and caught a couple of them. One ride was excellent. Later, the sunset was spectacular. I’ve noticed tropical weather can be beautiful.

Today, I saw my first sign of Dean, literally. A TxDoT sign said something like:


Good thing I filled up (not storm related) the past couple days. With signs like that, there will be gas lines and shortages in no time.

I probably will need to get stuff done Monday. The way governments like to panic post-Katrina, everything is liable to be evacuated and shut down later in the week.

No, I won’t evacuate unless it’s level 4 or 5 and heading toward me. That’s my policy. Evacuations scare me more than hurricanes.

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