Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Lavender Dictatorship

Lately, I’ve been pondering how Western societies are imposing a gay rights ideology that is becoming increasingly dictatorial. Or to be more exact, the dictatorial intolerance of gay rights ideology is coming out of the closet and gaining power.

For years the gay rights crowd insisted that all they wanted was to participate fully in society without fear of gay bashing and discrimination. Their watchword was “tolerance.”

But it has become clear that their “tolerance” does not include tolerance for those who disagree with their agenda, who disagree that homosexual acts are just fine. They are to be treated like Nazis and slaveowners and forced to get with the agenda – or else. And increasingly, governments and courts are acting accordingly.

Two recent stories illustrate this well. And they don’t come from Europe, though what the Socialists are doing to Spain also comes to mind, not to mention those in various European countries prosecuted for the “hate crime” of speaking against homosexuality. But, no, these stories are from the good old U.S.A.

First, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to run their businesses in line with their consciences. Say, if randy gay boys want some Viagra to become more randy, you better subscribe it for them, or you might find a lawsuit slapped on you. If a lesbian wants your help to become a mommy, you better not withhold it from her either.

And it’s not good enough that these can find their desired services elsewhere. You have to service them. (Pun intended.) Note the lesbian’s attitude, who got her unfortunate kids though artificial insemination elsewhere, but is still suing the doctor who wouldn’t do the deed:

Benitez, meanwhile, received treatment at another facility and has given birth to a son, now 5, and twin daughters, now 2.

“People ask me, ‘Why are you doing this? You have your kids,’” she says. “I want to make a difference. These doctors are not God. They cannot manipulate who can have children and who cannot.”

But she thinks the government should play God and force doctors to act against their conscience. (I’ll leave aside other rather ironic aspects of her statement.) And she’s certainly not alone.

Second was the story of San Diego firefighters directly ordered to participate in a gay rights parade. This reminds me of political rallies in certain dictatorial states. They are “voluntary” -- you voluntarily and joyously participate in them or else.

The real agenda of the gay rights crowd and their supporters in government is becoming unmasked. As Sarah Hey summarized so well:

Those who wish society to change its opinion about moral values and practices are willing to force other people to pretend to approve and promote such practices. Never doubt that gay activists will be satisfied if all public moral disapproval is stamped out, either through intimidation or threats or force.

I will go further. The gay activists won’t be satisfied until all public and much private moral disapproval is stamped out, either through intimidation or threats or force.

The fa├žade of “tolerance” is crumbling. The gay rights crowd and their backers in government aren’t interested in freedom and tolerance for those who disagree with them. A lavender dictatorship is coming and in many cases is already here. Get used to it – or else.

And for many Christians, that else will and should be civil disobedience.

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