Friday, August 31, 2007

An Important Photograph from Kenya

I want to focus on Oxford matters. But I can’t let the first photograph from here go without comment.

Here you have most (all?) the major Global South primates with U. S. worthies, most notably Bishop Duncan, together consecrating Bill Atwood and Bill Murdoch as bishops of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

This photo makes a strong statement that what we are seeing in orthodox North American Anglicanism is not more balkanization, but a determined effort to bring about a unified orthodox North American Anglican province.

Let us pray this effort succeeds.

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texanglican said...

Bishop Iker of Fort Worth and my boss, Dean Ryan Reed of St. Vincent's Cathedral here, were also both present. Further evidence of the unity your suggest! Good things can come out of this sorry mess, if God wills it and we approach the situation with humility.