Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Favorite Surf Cam (and the best one for the coming tropical storm)

If you want to see what the surf is like at Corpus Christi as a tropical storm is on the way, this is the cam to check out.

But even though a storm is coming, the gulf is remarkably flat as I type this. We’re not known for big surf, but the gulf being that flat is strange.

By the way, that’s a favorite surf spot for me. If you see an orange bodyboard later, that’s me.

You can watch the progress of the waves on that cam as the storm moves in. But be aware it sometimes goes down in bad weather.


Scott said...

Thanks for the nice comments regarding the Surf Cam. I run the cam and always like hearing about people that enjoy the image. BTW - Tropical storm Erin brought some nice surf today...I hope you were able to catch a wave or two.


Mark said...

I did, actually. :)