Monday, August 27, 2007

Almost Out the Door

Well, this is it! Today and overnight, I travel to Oxford.

My parish gave me a really nice send-off. My two priests prayed an excellent prayer for travelers for me – from the REC BCP, of course – during Holy Communion. Afterwards, everyone threw a pot-luck lunch to say good-bye.

I love my church.

I didn’t do much the rest of the day, except last minute prep and rest. Speaking of which, keep praying for me. My health is better, as I posted last week. But it’s not 100%. My energy especially isn’t 100%. I was so tired yesterday.

I wonder how much I’m going to miss home, especially my friends.

1 comment:

Mike S said...

Has anybody warned you about traffic coming from the wrong direction yet?

The Brits figured out how to get revenge for that little brouhaha back in 1776. Invite Americans to come visit and walk around town.

Seriously, have a great flight and enjoy the fresh start at Oxford. May God richly bless your studies.