Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Politicization of Science

I haven’t written much about it here. But I often shake my head at how politicized science has gotten in sensitive areas.

Those familiar with debates involving Neo-Darwinism know well how the Neo-Darwinists tend to attack those who disagree with their dogma with blackballing and vilification more than with honest discussion and debate.

Now we’re seeing similar behavior among global warming advocates. Personally, I think both sides of the debate have good points to make that should be considered seriously. And if there are feasible ways to reduce harmful pollutants, governments should facilitate that. I don’t have ill feelings towards scientists on either side engaging in honest research and debate.

But I’m appalled at how certain global warming shills, Al Gore included, are vilifying those who differ. The latest effort at vilification is the disgusting recent Newsweek cover.

When I saw that cover in the grocery check-out line, I shook my head but was not surprised. That’s the sort of propaganda masquerading as news I’ve long come to expect from that glorified prop mag.

But sometimes the depths the advocates of politically correct science are willing to dive in order to destroy the reputations of opponents is indeed shocking. Read about the “holy hell” Dr. J. Michael Bailey was put through for daring to write a book about transgendered men that transgendered activists didn’t appreciate.

What adds to such outrage is that governments join in and aid the politicization of science, particularly the exclusion of the politically incorrect:

. . . two researchers said they were advised by a government grant officer that they should distance themselves from Dr. Bailey to improve their chances of receiving financing.

Heck, if that’s the way we’re going to do things, let’s just abolish real science – since it can be so (politically) incorrect and evil, don’t you know – and replace it with the Ministry of Correct Knowledge and of the Destruction of Incorrect Lies. That’s the direction Western society is going anyway. Let’s just be done with the myth of academic freedom and get on with indoctrination and with the destruction of those who refuse to be indoctrinated.

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