Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sometimes, I’m Good!

I was watching the Weather Channel yesterday afternoon (O. K. I’m NOT an old man before my time. I’m a bodyboarder who watches tropical weather with great interest. Because of the waves. Yeah.). And even though the National Weather Service wasn’t saying much, I thought that wave in the Gulf of Mexico was too strong to remain a just wave. So I fired off the following e-mail to my dad and to a local friend:

Hi. The National Weather Service isn't saying it but I am:

South Texas will be dealing with a tropical storm (but not a hurricane) later this week.

That wave in the gulf is looking strong.

*DING* Right again. A few hours later, the NWS agreed with me. We’re supposed to be hit with a tropical storm tomorrow.

It’s not the first time I’ve outpredicted the NWS on tropical weather. I’ve found common sense in following trends can sometimes trump the experts. (I’ve found that to be the case in finances as well.)

By the way, don’t be fearful for me. This is unlikely to become a hurricane. And really only a strong hurricane is a danger for me. I built my place with hurricanes in mind.

Do pray for those in danger of flooding as that is the main danger from tropical storms. And a lot of rain is predicted. But I’m not at risk from floods myself.

By the way, another prediction: I’ll be riding waves from Hurricane Dean shortly before going to Oxford.

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