Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A straight-talking bishop?!?

Apparently such a creature actually exists, judging from +Jack Iker’s report on the House of Bishops meeting.

Do read his report. This excerpt is particularly telling:

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Bishops issued a statement called “A Word to the Church.“ The most positive aspect of this carefully worded document is an “expression of regret,” which is one of the first actions called for by the Windsor Report. But don’t be misled by what the statement says the Bishops regret and what they do not regret. They regret “the pain, the hurt, and the damage caused” to others in the Anglican Communion by what we have done. However, they do not regret the actions taken that caused the alienation and division in the first place. ‘We want to remain a part of the Communion, but we intend to keep on doing what we have been doing.’ It is sort of like a man apologizing to his wife for having had an adulterous affair, and asking her forgiveness, but then continuing on with the illicit affair anyway.

He goes on to say (as I have) that the HOB is engaging in “lame” delaying tactics.

+Jack Iker has the substance (or lack thereof) of the HOB meeting nailed. But I thought bishops were all trained not to say such . . . such truthful things!

+Iker must have skipped that training. It doesn’t hurt that he’s from Texas as well. Us Texans shoot straight and talk straight.

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