Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Reality check of the day

Those who buy the moral equivalence of different religions and cultures need a reality check. Here’s one for starters. In India, dalit (or “untouchable”) victims of the tsunami are being denied aid because of the prejudice of India’s Hindu caste system. One lowlight:

What is worse is that both the police and the affected fishermen are not allowing our people to deliver food and water to the dalits. About four days back police severely beat up and then arrested a dalit for taking rice from an aid agency. They even demolished what was left of his house...

By the way, many dalits are Christians. If memory serves me right, dalits are more likely to be Christian than any other caste. Contrast the Gospel message of God’s love and salvation being available to all with their historic treatment at the hands of Hindus, and that’s very understandable.

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