Friday, January 28, 2005

I don’t have Adult ADD. Whoa, look at that bird!

You may have seen the ads for I actually went to the site and took the test. It says I don’t have Adult ADD, but I wonder. . . .

Take my reading habits for example. It’s rare that I can read any one thing for any length of time. The way I read is to rotate. I read from one book for a few pages, then read from another book for a few pages, and so on. I do actually finish most of the books I start (except for chess books), but it takes me a while. I guess I’m reading six books that way now.

Ditto for magazines, which I rarely finish. Hence the ridiculous height my to-read magazine stack gets. And I read everything from skate mags to First Things.

What’s strange is I wasn’t this way when I was a teenager. I regularly read 30-40 pages of a book at a sitting.

But no, I really don’t have Adult . . . . What was that outside?

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