Monday, January 31, 2005

Judicial Pornography

With my being under the weather (as I still am) and with so much happening of deep interest to me, there is so much I could post on.

But then, this morning, I read of this outrageous federal court ruling on pornography. (Caution: Linked articles may be disturbing.)

When I first read this, I was so mad I could hardly see straight. But as I’m calming down a little, I see there is hope the Supreme Court will overturn this ruling.

But, still, it is an outrage. That hard core porn is protected at all (supposedly under free speech – I could use some free speech to say what I think of that, but I’ll restrain myself.) is an outrage.

I’ve long thought the day may come when it will be necessary to systematically defy a federal court ruling. Bush’s reelection has given me hope that his Supreme Court appointments can prevent such a constitutional crisis.

But if Bush is not successful in bringing sanity to our judiciary, I’m afraid we will face a constitutional crisis or, worse, a judicial dictatorship.

God help us.

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