Thursday, January 13, 2005

I told you so.

The statement from the ECUSA House of Bishops just came out. And, sure enough, I was right back on January 5th. Their statement attempts to buy time with a call for lots of “study” and “conversation.” Shockingly, I didn’t notice “dialogue” in the statement, but the dodge concept is certainly there.

The money passage:

We have only begun a serious and respectful consideration of how we might respond [to the Windsor Report].

We have only begun to stall and play political games by buying time!

Further, we have not had sufficient time to give substantive consideration to recommendations in the Report calling for a moratorium on diocesan boundary violations or the call for a moratorium and further discussion of the authorization of liturgical texts blessing same sex unions.

No. You’ve had plenty of time. And your political game of buying time is one more instance of disregarding the rest of the Anglican Communion.

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