Friday, January 21, 2005

Phillip Turner does it again.

I’ve become a fan of Phillip Turner.

He first came onto my radar screen with his excellent December 2003 First Things article, The Episcopalian Preference.

Now, he’s written another succinct must read, ECUSA’s God, a brief summary of the “working theology” of the Episcopal Church. His article is right on target. And, although Dr. Turner and I are both from an orthodox background very critical of the Episcopal Church’s theology of inclusion, he explains it so well that I have a greater understanding and even sympathy towards it. I understand better what makes liberal Episcopalians do that they do. As the Pontificator has commented, the ECUSA’s gospel of inclusion is an attractive counterfeit.

If you want to understand what makes the ECUSA tick, you will read these two articles.

I do, however, question Dr. Turner’s Anglican credentials. For he takes much less than 50 pages to say something and he does so clearly. No bishopric for him!

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