Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Union Fun

I have mixed feelings about watching the State of the Union tonight.  I’ve often skipped it under Clinton and Obama because I sometimes do not respond well when lied to.

On the other hand, particularly outrageous lying can be so absurd, it can be fun.  So for that reason, I will probably watch tonight.  But I will watch accompanied by lots of good fisking and perhaps booze as well. 

Hey, do you expect me to get through an Obama SOTU alone?

I have not decided on the booze.  (And, no, I will not engage in drinking games.  I wish to survive this evening.)  But I have decided on at least three modes of fisking.  One is twitter, of course, where I will join in.  Another is Ace of Spaces (with the usual naughty language warning) where they will surely have a SOTU thread with lots of uproarious comments from morons, including me.

A lesser known place is the Midwest Conservative Journal with both live-blogging and comments.  There will be fewer there, but it will be a more erudite group for the most part.

I have decided against live-blogging here at my blog, but you may find me at the above.

If I come up with another good online spot, I will let you know.  Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.  Hey, we have to get through this evening somehow.

The Ace of Spades Thread for Obama's "Trolling of the Nation" is up, again with a language warning.

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