Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Muslim Nations vs. Freedom of Speech

When someone is so bold as to call out adherents of Islam for such enormities as their hostility to free speech, the enabling appeasing multicultural crowd, including that in that White House, cries, “No, those are just extremists who have little to do with Islam!”

To which I say, “Pig manure!” particularly when it comes to hostility to free speech.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), comprised of 57 Muslim-majority nations, is arguably the broadest Islamic group in the world and includes a number of relatively moderate countries.  And they have been in the forefront of trying to criminalize free speech that is not respectful enough to “The Prophet” and his foolish followers.

The OIC, whose member states range from moderate U.S. allies such as Jordan to adversaries such as Iran, describes itself as the world’s largest international body after the United Nations. For more than a decade, “the collective voice of the Muslim world” has spread the belief that any insult directed against the Muslim faith or its prophet demands absolute suppression. Quashing “defamation of Islam” is enshrined as a chief objective in the organization’s charter.

With countless internal resolutions, relentless lobbying of the international community and block voting on resolutions advocating a prohibition on defamation of religion at the U.N., the OIC continuously pushes to silence criticism of Islam.

Read Patrick Poole’s article for more details.  Or you can try to say negative things about “The Prophet” in public in “moderate” Muslim countries and see how things go.

I suggest reading the article, but that’s just me.

Yes, I know there are Muslims who respect free speech, one of whom I praised yesterday.

They are a minority in Islam at best.

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