Friday, January 16, 2015

Pope Francis Attacks Free Speech and Conservative RC Bloggers Are… Silent?

After Pope Francis’ comments which attacked free speech, practically blaming free speech for the Paris Islamonazi terrorist attacks, I thought any minute now the conservative popish bloggers will be chiming in with their usual excuses for Francis – he was misunderstood; taken out of context; misinterpreted due to language issues, etc.

Well, what I have found instead is . . . silence.  Now surely some conservative Roman Catholic somewhere has opined on the Pope’s comments, but I have searched the usual places, repeatedly, and not found anything.  The usual conservative apologists for Francis are very quiet on this matter.  (And I invite readers to post conservative Catholic blog posts on the topic in the comments.  Like I said, surely they are out there . . . somewhere.)

Now I do not want to call out any bloggers by name or presume motives.  After all, Francis has time and again put conservative Catholic bloggers in awkward positions due to his comments, and they have my sympathy.

But the silence is deafening.  Perhaps this time, Francis has gone beyond what even the most loyal conservative Catholics can defend.  If so, their response should not be silence.  Just the opposite.

For even popes need to held accountable.  And, to be frank, most of the conservative Catholic blogdom seems to be dropping the ball in so doing.


Anonymous said...

Here's one:

Mark said...

Thanks. And that is a fair take. Fr. Z is to commended for tackling this in some fashion.

I will have to read him more often.