Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Letter

I’ve just sent the following letter via e-mail.  I think readers will find it self-explanatory.

Dear sirs/madams,

Good day.

I’ve just visited my Goodreads profile only to discover I am the author not only of Pilot Point and of God Knows What It’s Like to be a Teenager, but also of Big Boobs.  

Although the concept is indeed very interesting and one I myself have thought on frequently, I cannot in all honesty claim credit for this work of literature.

Far be it from me to claim credit for the talented, voluminous and well-rounded efforts of another.  Therefore, I must be honest and ask, albeit with some reluctance, how do I remove my supposed association from this book?

By the way, I have searched your help and other pages and have found no way to do this.  I have been tempted therefore to let this pass, but my conscience and integrity as an author will not allow me.

Thanks for your assistance.

Very warm regards,

mark marshall

author of Pilot Point, not of Big Boobs

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