Tuesday, January 06, 2015

What do Feminazis and the KKK have in common?

Yes, my question might be slightly inflammatory, but if the shoe fits . . . .

The short answer is an undue, even demanding, bias that accusations of rape be believed without question.  Of course, this demand primarily applies when used as a weapon against hated adversaries - heterosexual men in the case of Feminazis and black men in the case of the KKK.

Automatic belief of rape accusations was a central principle of the KKK’s war on rape, too. This was one of the things that most shocked Ida B Wells, the early twentieth-century African-American journalist and civil-rights activist. ‘The word of the accuser is held to be true’, she said, which means that ‘the rule of law [is] reversed, and instead of proving the accused to be guilty, the [accused] must prove himself innocent’. Wells and others were startled by the level of belief in the accusers of black men, and by the damning of anyone who dared to question such accusations, which was taken as an attack on the accuser’s ‘virtue’.

And there are additional parallels, both instructive and disturbing, between the KKK and “rape culture” activists.  So do go read . . . if you can handle it.

Hat tip to Instapundit.


NOTE: One reason I use the term “Feminazis” here is that not all feminists buy into “rape culture” witch hunting.  So I did not want to use the latter term.  I do respect those feminists thoughtful enough to defend rightful protections of the accused.

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