Monday, January 05, 2015

Sorry If I Offend in 2015 . . . Or Not

During the ten, soon eleven, years of this blog, I have oft deliberated on how aggressive I should be with the truth and with my opinions . . . which rarely diverge, although it does happen.

I am self-aware enough to know tact is not one of my strong points.  And I know that we are to “speak the truth in love” with neither truth nor love being optional, and I do wrestle with that scripture.  So, believe it or not, I pull punches often.  Sometimes I think I best leave a topic alone.  Or I sleep on something before ranting opining on it.

But although what the world needs now is love, sweet love, it seems to be perhaps even more in need of truth at the moment.  For 2014 was the year of the lie, particularly lefty lies.

Students of Leftist politics, such as my unfortunate self, have long known that many/most Leftists put their causes and their narratives above inconvenient facts and truths.  This first truly hit me when I analyzed news coverage in both my work and studies during the 80’s.  The lies I saw were so brazen and pervasive it practically made me sick at times.  And the culture has gotten worse since.  The past year stands out in that regard with “Hands up, don’t shoot,” with “rape culture” lies and exaggerations, with Obama continuing to be Obama, with “News” Media continuing to engage in propagandizing more than informing, etc.

But truth will win in the end.  Yes, I do need to remind myself of that frequently.  And the best remedy for lies is the proclamation of truth. So I think 2015 is a time to become more aggressive with the truth, and I intend so to do.

Now, of course, nothing offends like truth and inconvenient facts.  And in asserting the truth, we, nay I, need to be careful not to add needless offense to the truth.  But lies are so pervading and warping our culture, the need for the truth is urgent.  And I intend so to guide this blog and my even more inflammatory twitter account as well.

And if telling it like it is offends . . . well, too bad.

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