Monday, November 08, 2010

Five Anglican Bishops Resign to Cross the Tiber UPDATED

Five bishops in the Church of England have announced they are resigning in order to join the upcoming Roman Catholic Ordinariate. Their statement may be found here.

That CofE bishops were going to resign is no surprise although the talk over the weekend was that only two were announcing resignations at this time.

Andrew Burnham resigning is particularly not a surprise. He is has been quite open about his desire to cross the Tiber. Nevertheless, his resignation is a loss to Anglicanism.

I remember sharing breakfast with him at Pusey House (toast and jam, of course). He was relaxed, affable, straight-spoken, and humble, definitely not your typical bishop. In fact, it was someone else who informed me who he was.

I am still benefiting from his clear-spoken erudition as I read Heaven and Earth in Little Space.

The Church of England and Anglicanism needs men like him even if the Church of England shows little sign of knowing it.

The blog of Sevenoaks, St. John the Baptist is following this matter closely. Among other things, there is an abundance of links.

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