Monday, November 01, 2010

Political Bloodbath Election Preview

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Frankly, I’ve been as anxious as a kid waiting for Christmas.

And my long-standing prediction of a political bloodbath is looking good. Further, I think matters have gone from bad to worse in the final week for the Democrats. I say that after looking at notable slippage in Obama’s numbers and in a number of individual races. And the last Gallup Poll hints at apocalypse. I think Obama running around and declaring “enemies” and various other Democrat acts of desperation (such as trying to push Meek out of the Florida Senate race) and vote fraud have deepened national revulsion as the campaign concludes.

I may live blog the results tomorrow night. Yes, you may get to watch me rant, agonize, and perhaps even gloat live as it happens. Yes, I know – exciting, tortuous, entertaining or horrifying depending on your point of view.

For those who want something more orderly, a scorecard even, for watching tomorrow night, this cheat sheet may helpful in tracking House returns.

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