Monday, November 29, 2010

An Advent Sunday both Glorious and Hellish

Yesterday morning I had the long awaited joy of celebrating Advent Sunday at Smoky Matt’s. The worship there was glorious as always. The sunny morning added to the atmosphere, sending sunbeams through the incense into the sanctuary. The music was excellent. I especially appreciated the very Adventy selection of hymns, including Lo! He comes with clouds descending - the Helmsley version, of course – as the recessional. Yes, I could only sing part of the last verse. Allergies made me teary-eyed, you know.

As for the sermon, I can get a good rant on about how the world has it all wrong this time of year. You observe Advent, then celebrate Christmas. But I have nothing on The Rev’d Fr. Dwight Douglass Duncan. His sermon contrasting how the world and how the church does the weeks before Christmas was a joy to hear.

So what was hellish? Driving on I-35 afterward to get home. Yes, I am a fool for driving I-35 south of Dallas on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It took me 2 hours longer than usual to get home (and was fortunate it wasn’t worse), whereupon I crawled into bed and am still recovering this morning.

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