Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Another Carnahan Election Theft?

Last night, observant readers may have noticed my disdain for the Carnahan political family in Missouri. My contempt goes back to Widow Carnahan’s stolen Senate election against John Ashcroft. Well, the Carnahans may have done it again. Some St. Louis precincts just happened to come in late to put Russ Carnahan over in the MO-3 race. That after the Voter Verification System just happened to go down. And that after the St. Louis Board of Elections just happened to use Special Services, a security firm having a long relationship with the Carnahan family. Special Services indeed.

Now could these “just happens” be only “just happens”? Could this election be legit? Maybe. I don’t know enough to know one way or the other. But it sure doesn’t pass the smell test. And Ed Martin is contesting the results as he should.

Oh. And Robin Carnahan is the Secretary of State with responsibility over elections. Thank God she will not be a U. S. Senator.

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