Friday, November 05, 2010

Gulag UK Makes Children Pay

The past Labour government rammed laws down the throats of the British requiring that adoption agencies adopt to gays and unmarried couples. Let me be clear, Labour did not merely allow agencies to adopt to gays and unmarried couples, but required them to do so. The inevitable result was that Christian adoption agencies were given the difficult choice of somehow defying the law or shutting down. Many shut down. And now children are paying for Labour’s secularist orthodoxy:

Last year, some 4,655 children were adopted in England and Wales, 15 per cent fewer than the peak of 5,477 in 2002, the Office for National Statistics said.

The reduction, to the lowest level for 11 years, follows reforms intended to give couples from a far wider range of backgrounds the legal right to adopt children.

I warned almost four years ago that Labour was putting the gay agenda above the welfare of children. I am sad to say I was right.

What is also sad, outrageous really, is that the current “Conservative” PM Cameron also backed Labour’s gay adoption laws. So he, too, can hardly be relied upon to do the right thing in this area.

Meanwhile, children wait . . .

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