Friday, November 05, 2010

Here We Go Again

What do Democrats do when they narrowly lose the voting? Why, find a “missing” bag of ballots from a corrupt Democrat county so they can win the counting! They pulled this off in Washington State to steal a governor’s mansion a few years back.

Now they are at it again in Connecticut.

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Bob Chapman said...

Those found ballots in King County, Washington, still had to have valid signatures on the mail-in envelopes.

At that time, King County had optional mail-in balloting. Over 60% used mailed ballots then, but the county had to pay to run a dual system. Money is limited (as you know). King County found out they couldn't afford to run a dual system. After going to all mail-in ballots and making needed changes to procedures (everyone agreed to that), they haven't had problems.

Once in Snohomish County the post office found a lost bag of ballots at a postal sorting facility. Through agreements, and using the marking on the envelopes, the post office pulls the ballots for special handling. While it only happened once, this is why I take my ballot to one of the secure drop-off points. Then, I check on-line to see that there was nothing wrong with the outer envelope, so I know they counted my ballot.

In the election you referenced, Dino Rossi intentionally filed suit to challenge the election in Wenatchee, Washington. That is a very reliably Republican county, and home to former speaker of the Washington House Clyde Ballard. The only person that lost votes at trial was Dino Rossi, not Chris Gregoire.

I remember one of the disallowed votes was from an ex-con that was allowed to register and vote in an eastern Washington county (read: Republican county) before his civil rights were restored. The ex-con said he voted for Rossi, under oath.

This is not to imply in any way that only ex-cons would vote for Rossi. What I am pointing out that even the Republican-leaning counties in Washington have their voting problems, too.

The result of the lawsuit was not only having Chris Gregoire elected governor. It also resulted in centralized voter registration records in the Secretary of State's office in Olympia. You will be happy to note that Hon. Sam Reed, Secretary of State for Washingotn, is a Republican.