Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tinfoil Hat Alert

Now the truth can be told! The REAL reason why mainline American Protestant denominations are shrinking and falling apart! National Council of Churches head Bob Edgar explains it!

He blamed the rise of radical conservatives in numerous denominations with the push to divide over secondary issues, such as gay or female clergy. These elements, he said, have been encouraged by groups like the Institute for Religion and Democracy, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization that “gets a lot of its money from secular conservatives like the Scaife, Bradley, Smith Richardson and Coors family charities.”

That right, Americans! It’s the IRD and other Radical Conservative Elements, funded by Secular Right-wing Scaife-Coors slush money! Hmm, where’s my check? Yes, true mainline American Protestants must be ever vigilant against the Secular Radical Right-wing IRD World Conspiracy!

Don’t listen to those Fellow Travelers who try to convince you that the problem is mainline denominations replacing scripture and tradition with modern liberalism! That’s IRD Propaganda! Remember: It’s the Radical Right-wing Scaife-Coors-IRD World Conspiracy!!

And don’t forget to wear your tinfoil hats!

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