Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Schori’s Lawyers Insult Primates, Continue Lawsuits.

Presiding Bishop Schori’s lawyers issued an incredible statement yesterday, refusing to put their lawsuits against orthodox congregations on hold.

David Booth Beers said “there is no basis at this time” to suspend litigation.

No basis?!? The Primates of the Anglican Communion have asked the Episcopal Church to call off the dogs. And David Booth Beers says there is no basis to do so?? That’s downright insulting.

Then Beers drones about the AC having “no legal authority over the affairs of its members.”

That completely misses the point. The Primates Meeting asked the Episcopal Church to back off on the litigation. To ignore that request as Schori and Beers are doing is uncollegial, to put it in a very Anglican way.

Remember, these are Schori’s lawyers. So this statement speaks volumes about her response to the Primates. And since she signed the communiqué asking for a cease fire on lawsuits, it speaks volumes about her and TEC’s complete lack of trustworthiness.

I hope this so enrages the Primates that it makes it less likely that TEC will get away with a weasel words will win strategy. But I still consider that thin hope.

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