Saturday, February 03, 2007

Darfur Relief Efforts

The past few days, the suffering of the refugees in Darfur has really hit me. I’ve known about the situation there for a long time, but receiving a letter from Partners International, perhaps my favorite missions organization, put me over. I was practically crying at my desk. Yes, I have a soft side if you can believe that.

Anyway, I made a decent contribution to PI, with half of it designated to Darfur relief. If you’d like to consider doing that as well, then please go here.

I’m glad to read that the Anglican Communion Network is helping with Darfur relief as well.

One thing I very much like about both these efforts is that they work through indigenous churches in the area. I’m convinced that is usually the best way to do missions and relief (and is why I love Partners International). The churches are there for the long haul. They know the people and the culture. They often have more ability, credibility, and, yes, commitment in witness than foreign agencies. And the church itself is ministering to people.

And, often, foreign agencies have great difficulty getting into areas. This is sadly the case in Sudan/Darfur, where Arab Muslims have attacked relief workers. A number of agencies have had to pull out.

I could go on. But I encourage you to look into these two efforts and pray about giving.

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