Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Evil Always Has Its Excuses.

Exhibit #4598 of that truth may be found here, in the excuses of PB Schori’s lawyer David Booth Beers for continuing to try to sue orthodox congregations out of their meeting houses in spite of the Primates’ request to suspend lawsuits.

The Episcopal Church will not suspend or withdraw from property lawsuits it initiated unless there is a comprehensive agreement that takes into consideration “all the other recommendations of the primates’ communiqué,” said David Booth Beers, chancellor for the Presiding Bishop.

I’ve decided to use this approach for Lent. I’ve decided not to give up sinful anger until everything in the world that makes me angry is dealt with.

The rest of his excuses are equally lame. Feel free to read them if your reaction of anger/sarcasm/mocking/Toronto-style holy laughter would not violate your Lenten discipline.

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