Friday, February 09, 2007

“News” Media Scum

For reasons unknown, a man in a homosexual relationship with a pastor decides to sting the pastor by calling a television station to film said pastor at a set up visit to an adult bookstore.

Of course, the station, realizing this involved neither news nor a crime, but a petty vendetta, tells the man to shove off, right?

Not if the station is KDKA-TV. They and reporter Marty Griffin took the man up on his offer, filmed the visit, and prepared a sensationalistic story. Then they promoted it ahead of time for the brazen idol of ratings, of course . . . with the pastor’s face plastered on the promo.

The pastor didn’t wait for the actual news report. He wrote a letter of apology to the church (which letter laid out the above) and committed suicide.

I’ve long had it with news media that destroy reputations for ratings under the pretext of news. But here KDKA-TV was going to report on something that not only was not remotely newsworthy, but didn’t even involve an allegation of a crime. Immoral behavior? Yes. News? A crime? No. KDKA-TV destroyed a man for ratings, pure and simple.

You know, I bet the KDKA-TV board has one or two or more cheating on their wives and viewing porn. Maybe a rival station will do a news story on that.

It’s time for the FCC to pull the licenses of such media scum outlets. I have half a mind to write a letter for KDKA-TV’s FCC file myself.

Hat tip to titusonenine.

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