Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Special TEC Convention?

First, I want to wish all my kind readers a Holy Lent. I’m a bit busy through Monday, but I plan to post some unconventional Lenten thoughts in due time.

There have been interesting calls for a Special General Convention of the Episcopal Church to respond to the Tanzania requests of the Primates. These calls are coming from the different ends of TEC, from Kendall Harmon to Marc Andrus.

Some, including Brad Drell, are groaning, “No! Not another General Convention.” But I like the idea of a Special General Convention. For one thing it will shut up those who already are crying polity and saying only a General Convention can respond to the Tanzania requests.

And a Special Convention is more likely to clearly reject the Tanzania requests. And, for those (like me) who wish to see this charade ended, that’s a good thing.

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