Thursday, February 15, 2007

BREAKING: Report of the Communion Sub-Group (on TEC's response to the WR)

This report has just been released.

Now it should be noted that this report on the Episcopal Church’s response to Windsor is not a product of the Primates Meeting but is a report made to the Primates Meeting.

With that important disclaimer, it is an appalling whitewash of TEC General Convention ’06. Two quick excerpts:

It is clear to this group that in the period following the Dromantine meeting, the Episcopal Church took the Windsor Report and the recommendations adopted by the primates extremely seriously…

Oh! Extremely seriously! Like when CG refused to let compliance with Windsor come to a floor vote?

The response of the 75th General Convention to the Windsor Report as a whole in its resolutions was positive…

You get the picture. I’m so agitated I can’t bring myself to say more right now. GC ’06 all but gave the finger to Windsor/Dromantine, and this report whitewashes it.

And, most distressing, the Archbishop of Canterbury himself signed off on this. Yes, the implications of that are not good.

If you ever wondered why orthodox Anglicans get so exasperated with Anglican fudge, here’s a darn good example why.

Let’s hope and pray the Primates send this report to the circular file where it belongs.


Ruth Gledhill and Peter Ould report on the Primates’ day, the above sub-group report and the daily press briefing.

It appears the Primates haven’t made any decisions concerning TEC yet. There is a group working on proposals overnight which will be discussed tomorrow.

I agree with Gledhill that ++Akinola is unlikely to let the attempt to cook up Anglican fudge succeed.

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