Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jordan Hylden on the Primates Meeting

Jordan Hylden has written a number of prescient pieces on the Anglican situation for First Things. This morning, that worthy journal has posted thoughtful commentary from Hylden on the Primates Meeting. I commend it to you and may comment more on it later.

He emphasizes that Anglican “evangelicals and catholics have need each other more than ever.” I heartily agree.

And he does boldly predict:

…While Schori will begin tomorrow’s meeting as an Anglican primate, we can confidently predict that she will not stay for long. She and the liberals whom she represents live in another conceptual universe and so will soon be politely asked to return to New York where they belong. The details remain to be sorted out, but it is likely that most of the Episcopal Church will be demoted to second-rank Anglican status, leaving an orthodox remnant to form what eventually will become a new Anglican province in the United States.

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