Thursday, February 15, 2007

TEC’s Persecution of the Faithful an Issue

I’ve contended that Schori’s and the Episcopal Church’s persecution of the faithful has changed the picture even since General Convention ’06. It has become one more major presenting issue to be laid upon her and TEC.

The Bishop of Winchester has made some comments that reflect that:

…[The Episcopal Church should] stop oppressing a significant minority of itself, about a quarter of its bishops and dioceses, and allow them to exist and flourish in full communion with the rest of the Anglican Communion…

…the really critical question is whether the majority of the Episcopal Church will allow space for what is something over a quarter of its bishops and dioceses, and many more than a quarter of its members to continue to hold the full beliefs of the church, both in terms of creeds, about Jesus, about God, and about marriage and Christian behaviour…

He opined that if Episcopal Church refuses to give such space, schism is more likely.

The lawsuits (which the national TEC office itself is now joining), the faux defrockings, etc. has gotten the attention of those high up in the Anglican Communion. Don’t forget some of the parishes being sued are ++Akinola’s parishes.

I suspect this may be having an effect on the atmosphere and deliberations of the Primates Meeting – perhaps even as I type this.

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