Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Again, Numerous Muslim Refugees to U. S. Have Already Gone Terrorist

I apologize if this post is in part repeating myself.  But I note that otherwise reasonable, intelligent and well-meaning people are all for bringing thousands of Muslim “refugees” to the U. S.  So I find repetition needful.

The question of whether bringing Muslim refugees to the U. S. brings Jihadis to the U. S. has already been answered definitively.  It has already happened on numerous occasions.

And note that the linked examples come from earlier batches of refugees that were much smaller than the number Obama is bringing to our shores.  We are going to vet these any better?

If you would like to focus on a particular past batch of refugees, Scott Johnson has studied the Somali refugees residing in Minnesota.

Excuse me for pounding the virtual table.  But, again, the nature of Islam overseas is such that importing mass numbers of Muslims is importing massive trouble.  The U. K. and France have already found this out the hard way. 

And now so are we.

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