Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Jubilee Year of Predestination!

One of the more enjoyable discoveries I’ve stumbled upon in Oxford, particularly while frequenting Pusey House, is that learned English clergy tend to have a wonderful sense of humor.

Fr. Hunwicke is a case in point.  Yesterday, he suggested that after this Jubilee Year of Mercy may come a Jubilee Year of Predestination:

Perhaps another Holy Year after the present one? A Jubilee Year of Predestination? With special indulgences for Calvinists? It could be celebrated with a double Holy Door; one entry for those predestined to Heaven, the other for those predestined to Hell. Confessarii specially commissioned by the Roman Pontiff could be there to tell everybody which category they were in. I bet that would get the crowds flocking along!! Wow!

Yes, that would be wonderful indeed!

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