Thursday, December 03, 2015

Leftists Yesterday After the San Bernardino Shooting

I’ve watched the San Bernardino Shooting and its aftermath closely.  I would rather not be proven right again and again about the past and present madness of importing massive Muslim populations to the West, but, sadly, I am once again proven too correct on that.

What did shock me was the behavior of the American Left.  They really should not be able to shock me anymore after the several decades I’ve been watching them.  But somehow they keep on managing so to do. 

The blood was hardly dry and the identity or origin of the shooters was almost completely unknown when the Left tried to pin this on their political enemies.  The loathsome Markos Moulitsas took the lead on this.

Who knew that a Muslim gunman and his Saudi bride were at the heart of the Republican base! 

Of course, he had no idea about the eventual identity of the perps, but he could not resist immediately using the awful event to smear conservatives.  Polite words utterly fail.

And MSNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg News were oh-so-eager to inform us that there was a Planned Parenthood clinic only about a mile away!

And, again well before we knew anything about the perps, Obama (and Hillary) jumped to advocate making it harder for law-abiding citizens to arm themselves against the jihadis he’s importing.

Then Leftists, as if they hadn’t besmirched themselves enough, mocked and ridiculed those offering prayers for the victims.

We have found out the hard way about the nature of Islam and its adherents.  We would do well to open our eyes to the nature of Leftist ideologies and their adherents as well.

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